Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow, really?

Oh, of course. I should have known.

Did I actually believe that I would blog regularly?


Hah! I can’t keep a food journal, for heaven’s sake! What would make me think I could consistently update a blog?
Oh well. Perhaps it could be an annual thing. I might be able to handle that.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dreaming of Books

I just finished a book called, "The City of Dreaming Books" by Walter Moers today. I have to say, that book was amazing. I haven't so thoroughly enjoyed a book that much in a long time. The characters were well developed, the story was so original, and the plot was fast-paced and just plain good. Highly recommended.

I have recently started to work on illustrations for a children's book I am writing. So far, I am pleased with my sketches. I definitely need a lot more practice and work, but I'm having a good time with it.  I find that drawing my characters and settings, even if the drawings aren't that good, actually helps me to write better.  
Overall, the whole process has been a new, fun experience.  I would encourage budding authors (like myself) to draw your characters, or even something specific like their favorite pair of shoes.  No matter how good or bad of an artist you are, drawing helps.  Especially when your stuck, or aren't particularly fond of where your story is headed.  That's just my two cents.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Musings and Inspirations.

I've always loved writing. I love to read as well, of course. There is no better feeling than to submerse yourself in someone's world, and take part in whatever adventure they have dreamed up for you. When the words gradually disappear, transporting you into the pages of a delicious better feeling.

And while there is no better feeling, I can think of one just as good - writing. To create the words that whisk readers away, to bring people and creatures and fantastic worlds there's an adrenaline rush.

While I've always loved writing, I was never serious about it until this past year. I work at a library, constantly surrounded by books. I've enjoyed many by Neil Gaiman, Sara Douglass, and R.A. Salvatore just to name a few. But what awoke my burning desire to lay pen to paper was not the wonderfully thick books in the fantasy genre, but the simple yet wonderfully beautiful masterpieces in the children's room.

The Runaway Bunny, Madeline, Where the Wild Things Are, and Make Way for Ducklings are some of the books I loved growing up. I remember how I could laugh with my mom when she read the books aloud to me, and I would dream of making mischief with Madeline, or sailing with Max to the land of the Wild Things.

Rediscovering those wonderful feelings as I reread my favorites, I decided that I want to create fun, magical tales for children to enjoy. I want my books to make a lasting impression on people of all ages, the way Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak and Lewis Carroll have.

So this past summer, I wrote a children's picture book with a good friend of mine. While it is not finished (she is working on the illustrations), we are both very excited and hopeful that we can get it published. Even though the process of a getting a book published is hard and often discouraging, well, you have to start somewhere.